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Pets available for adoption are listed on, a site dedicated to providing legitimate shelters around the United States a place to list their pets online.

If you're interested in adopting a Haven For Pets animal, don't forget to fill out our pre-adoption form.

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Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are as follows:

Kittens/Cats: $100

Puppues/Dogs: $275

Our adoption fee includes spay or neuter and vaccinations for dog or cat. All dogs are tested for heartworm, and cats are tested for feline leukemia/aids.

We try to have all animals fully vetted when they are adopted. If the animal is too young, the animal must be brought back to one of our vets for final services.

Pre-adoption Form

Haven For Pets carefully screens all adoptive families and tries to find the perfect match for the pets in its care. In the interest of protecting our animal friends, we ask that you fill out the following form, detailing your understanding of the care necessary for your pet and specific questions about your lifestyle and pesonality. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption. All fields in the following form are required!

Please identify the dog or cat you are interested in adopting if you have chosen one already.

If you have not chosen a pet to adopt yet, please skip to the personal information form directly following this section:

Cage #
Cat/Dog Name
Animal #

Personal Information

Best time to call
Driver's License
Age 18+ 17 or younger

General Background

Have you ever adopted an animal from a rescue group before?
Date of most recent adoption:
Rescue group most recently used:
Why do you want to adopt a pet today?
How long have you been looking for a pet?
How many pets have you had in the past 10 years? - Dogs
- Cats
- Other
How many pets do you currently own? - Dogs
- Cats
- Other
Are all of your pets current with innoculations? Yes No
Are your dogs/cats spayed and/or neutered? Yes No Some
Who is your current veterinarian?
Where are your pets primarily kept? If both, please explain:
Will this pet be a gift? If yes, please explain:
Where are your pets primarily kept?
Do you rent or own? If you rent, you'll need to fax us a copy of your lease stating you may own a pet. Alternatively, you may put your landlord's phone number here:
How long have you lived at your residence?
Do you plan to move in the next six months? If yes, please give your new address/phone number if they are available at this time:
Do you have children? If yes, please give their ages separated by commas:
Have your children been around pets before?
Does anyone in your family have pet allergies?
Can you commit to taking your new pet to the vet within 14 days of adoption and regularly thereafter?
Will you commit to taking full financial responsibility for your pet?
Where will your pet stay when you're not home?
Who will provide care for your pets when you are on extended absence?
With what animal behavior(s) are you not willing to work? Biting
Jumping on tables
Not using litterbox
How do you plan to correct inappropriate behavior(s)?
Do you object to a volunteer visiting or calling your home some time in the future?
Best time to call:

Dog Adoption Questions

Answer these questions only if you intend to adopt a dog. Otherwise, please leave these blank.

Are you aware that it costs approximately $400-700 (depends on size) per year to raise a healthy dog? Yes No
How do you feel about crating your dog?
Are you willing and able to leash walk? Yes No
Is your yard completely fenced?
What type of fence?
If recommended, are you willing to take your dog to an obedience trainer? Yes No
How would you respond given the following situations?

Chewing on inappropriate items:

Having accidents in your home:

Barking excessively:

Running away/escaping:

Jumping on furniture and/or people:

Digging holes in you yard:

Exhibiting aggressive behavior:

Note: if you were hesitant about answering any of the above quesitons, we recommend you attend obedience classes with your dog.

Cat Adoption Questions

Answer these questions only if you intend to adopt a cat. Otherwise, please leave these blank.

Do you plan on getting your cat/kitten declawed? No Yes
How would you respond given the following situations?

Clawing or scratching your furniture:

Having an accident outside the litterbox:

Jumping on kitchen tables, counters or prohibited furniture:

Climbing up draperies:

Wanting to go outside:


I certify that the above answers are true and realize that any false information may result in nullification of this adoption.

By checking this box, I agree to the above statement.

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